Lario, on a greenscreen background.

"Let's go ANYWAY." -Lario

Lario is a counterpart of Mario who has the first letter of his name switched with "Luigi". He has a brother named Muigi, who's name is so for the same reason. He and Muigi first appeared in the 4-part special: Mario Goes to Skate City. They found Cream the Rabbit trapped in quicksand, but didn't do anything to help her because of how sometimes he and Muigi can be stupid. Lario and Muigi left Cream alone and went to Skate City out of this kind of stupidity, and Lario Lego Raced there, thus introducing Lego Racing to MarioMario54321's videos. Lario also has the tendency to overuse the word "anyway" in a manic manner.

His Star World Counter Part is Sunnio who appeard in TCC4.


  • Lario was the first to Lego race in MarioMario54321's videos. He did it in Mario Goes to Skate City, even though Muigi later assumed the Lego Racing.
  • Lario and Muigi have never met Mario and Luigi until the video Twenty-leven, yet when Luigi was rescuing Cream in Mario Goes to Skate City, he mentioned Lario and Muigi as his and Mario's "dopplegangers".
  • Lario's evil doppleganger Oiral first appeared in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X.
  • Lario says "ANYWAY" a lot, and it should be noted that his evil doppleganger Oiral says "NOWAY" a lot.
  • Lario and Muigi haven't appeared since OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X.
  • Lario has a screen counterpart named Lammeo.

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