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Star World Human


Moonio, Mario and his friends, Star World Humans, Cosmitalitaurus



First Appearance

Time 3: The Last Ztar

Lanuwigi is the Star World Counterpart of Waluigi. He appeared first in MM's The Moon World Series, as a villian, and a servant to the Moon World Master, Novuscurous. He has a brother/partner in crime named Moonio. He also used to be one of the only counterparts in the star world that isn't light blue because he was cursed by Novuscurous, confining him to the castle until Novuscurous is free, enslaving Lanuwigi.

He appears in the past in "Time 3: The Last Ztar", with his name censored so that nobody would know his name until his next appearance.. This clip was later used as a flashback in The Moon World (series).


Lanuwigi under Novuscurous's curse

In the Moon World, he stole Wario and Waluigi's Chi and used it to bring back Novuscurous from the Moon World. Mario and friends went to there and visited the Rainbowtastic Temple, where Lanuwigi possessed LuigiLuigi09876 with a Lanu Orb. MarioMario54321 then fights his brother and recovers him. He then escapes to the Cosmic Slide, where he possesses LuigiFan54321 with another Lanu Orb. Starman3 fights his best friend and recovers him. He also possesed Captain64000 at Zythurvion's Lost Chamber with yet another Lanu Orb, and LuigiFan54321 fought and saved him. He beat the Mario Bros. to the Crystal Spire and challenges the Wthomp King to a battle, who didn't have the Lanu Orb. At Reversal Cave, he ambushed either Starman3 or MM54321 and threw the Reversal Orb at the one he ambushed, which happened offscreen, allowing Invort to take over his vessel. Then, after Invort lost to either Enzo or LuigiLuigi09876, Novuscurous was getting impatient because Lanuwigi was being defeated by the heroes, so Novuscurous decided to do everything himself. Later, Novuscurous revealed that he was just using Lanuwigi, and ended up betraying him.

Lanuwigi is, in fact, the Moon World Warrior that Bombermoon mentioned. He used 8 of the Lanu Orbs to defeat Novuscourus, and decided not to use one of them because if all 9 are together, the spirits are released in their pure forms.

Once Novuscurous and his spirits were sealed in the Containment Orb, Novuscurous's curse was lifted and Lanuwigi turned light blue like the rest of the Star World counterparts.


  • It was not until the end when Lanuwigi's colours turned from dark blue to light blue. He revealed that the reason he became dark blue was because Novuscurous had put a curse on him.

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