Lanu Spirits
Lanu Spirits 1


Moon World


Lanuwigi (formerly), Novuscurous


Mario and his friends, Star World Humans Cosmicalitaurus, Kiddy Stoppers,Lanuwigi

First Appearance

The Moon World

Theme Of The Lanu Spirits02:12

Theme Of The Lanu Spirits

The theme of the Lanu Spirits when they are freed from their orbs and are angry/seeking vengeance.

Lanu Spirits (tentative name) are the hostile spirits who dwell in Lanu Orbs. These spirits can possess opponents and change their enemies' look into theirs if an orb shatters with the enemy nearby. There are 9 known spirits, and at least five of them have damaged the Star World in some form.


As told in The Moon World: Part 2 - Cosmic Corruption, the Lanu Spirits were created during the first war against Novuscorous, when Novu took nine powers (Rainbowtastic, Cosmic, Ultraviolet, Crystal, Reversal, Star, Moon, Light, Dark) and formed spirits out of them. Shortly before the war's end, a Moon World warrior, Lanuwigi, used eight of the powers against Novuscurous, and the spirits were forced into the Lanu Orbs, giving the Star World Humans an upper edge against Novuscorous.

Known Spirits

  • Seizore, the Rainbowtastic Spirit.

  • Invort, the Reversal Spirit.
  • Balgar, the Star Spirit.
  • Lonar, the Moon Spirit, and Novuscurous's second-in-command
  • Candel, the Light Spirit.
  • Lanu spirits in sprite form

    The Lanu Spirits in Sprite Form (Made by Jbro109 aka Infernus)

    Balck, the Dark Spirit.


Pure Forms

In Moon World vessels

NOTE: Balck not pictured


Note: This does not count Novuscurous, and these ranks are unconfirmed as of December 5th, 2013.

1. Lonar

2. Balck

3. Candel

4. Invort

5. Crystore

6. Radioton

7. Optimismo

8. Seizore

9. Balgar


  • Balgar is the least evil of these spirits due to being a Star Spirit.
  • The highest in rank is Lonar and not Balck.
  • The true forms of the Lanu Spirits are recolors of enemies from Find Mii/Streetpass Quest.
  • The true forms of the Lanu Spirits were not revealed until The Moon World: Part 9. Earlier, they were seen only when they had corrupted someone.

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