King Boocula
New King Boocula




Dimentio's minions


Mario and Luigi, SM64 machinima makers, 4D counterparts

First Appearance

Into the Fourth Dimension

King Boocula is King Boo's 4D counterpart, being the king of Booculas and Vampire Boos, the 4D counterparts of Big Boos and Boos, which makes him the 4D counterpart of King Boo. He confronted Luigi in Into the Fourth Dimension, wanting revenge about the fact that Luigi was the Counterpart of Fourigi. Eventually he was defeated by him. Like his minions, he has glowing red eyes and teeth that are covered in blood, which is a reference to vampirism.

King Boocula in Into the Fourth Dimension

He has a new design that resembles is to date with his Mushroom  Kingdom counterpart himself, from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. In Back to the Fourth Dimension, he protected the Yellow Rainbow Shard. He sent out Troll Boocula to fight, but Troll Boocula retreated due to Luigi ignoring him. King Boo then had Booclossucula (4D Boolossus) fight Luigi, but Booclossucula lost.

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