This article is about the Big Bob-omb from Super Mario 64, for information about the 4th Dimension King Bob-omb, see here.

King Bob-omb




Bowser and his minions, Bob-ombs, Mario (sometimes)


Mario and Luigi

First Appearance

Super Mario 64

King Bob-omb is a boss from Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars, Super Mario Star Road, and more. He is the King of Bob-ombs. He is the first boss in Super Mario 64. He lives on top of the hill in Bob-omb Battlefield, and considers it his domain.

He's really simple to defeat, as all you have to do is pick him up and throw him to the ground three times. When you defeat him, he blows up and drops a star. 

He was hired by MarioMario54321 for his Time Police in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Time.

He was the main villain in Mario's Christmas Adventure. King Bob-omb tried to ruin Christmas like the Grinch. In the end, King Bob-omb gets a lump of coal for Christmas along with Fred Figglehorn.

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