Dopplegangers, the Dark Star X


Mario and his friends,LuigiLuigi09876(especially)

First Appearance

Frozin Solid

IgiulIgiul67890 is LuigiLuigi09876's doppleganger and a dopple of The Dark Star X. He is also called Frozin. He first appeared in Frozin Solid as the main antagonist. The 10-part special starts with Frozin inside hell, after freezing it over, but then he flashbacks three days. Someone appears in hell, and the Devil offers that person a smoothie to get their DNA and creates IgiulIgiul09876. Meanwhile, Mario wins a Dueling Glove at a baseball game and challenges Wario to 10 duel games and wins them all, then Luigi tries to get 100 1ups without Yoshi's help. Then later on the third day which was an extremely hot day, IgiulIgiul09876 makes it to the core and freezes hell and the world. Mario and all his friends enjoy it at first, but then they go "Frozen Mad" as IgiulIgiul67890 says. In other words, they start to hate what happened to the world and become prone to dying in the bitter cold. Luckily, the Devil comes and tell everyone about IgiulIgiul09876 (refering to him as "Frozin"). He needed Mario's help to get to the planet's core, and then Bomberman comes in and volunteers to help Mario and his friends get to the earth's core. Bomberman leads the way. When they finally get there, Mario and friends climb hell to get to Frozin, and when they finally do, Mario, Luigi and Wario all battle Frozin together. Then suddenly, LuigiLuigi67890 comes in, calls himself "Nizorf", and beats him, then gets him to confess. He reveals his story and even his real name, which is IgiulIgiul09876. Then the Devil gets rid of him (or so people thought he was gone before the Dark Star X was revealed), and then everything goes back to normal, then everyone goes back to the surface and flies around with Wing Caps as the credits play. He also appeared in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X and revealed his alternate form, EegeewlX2, which was his super form that is the doppleganger of LuigiLuigi09876's super form LweegeeX2. In the end, he and the other dopples disappeared forever.


  • Frozin's real name (which is IgiulIgiul09876) was not revealed intil the end of Frozin Solid.
  • The name "Frozin" is a pun of the word "Frozen".