That's a me


Fusionfalls10's roblox character: Tigerwarrior55

Fusionfalls10 is a follower who hopes to join in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos or MarioMario54321's videos. It has a liking for Luigi which makes a lot of sense since he wears that and has a pet buzzy beetle for Paper Mario 1 called Jayson. They both like one food item: Waffles. He has the ability to turn into fire or ice form and should not be taken lightly. He also has a mysterious backpack that has infinite space and many items. Yes Mario even spaghetti. Fusionfalls10 also likes toads since they been terrorized by a fat mustachio in a red and blue jumpsuit. It can think of many great blooper ideas. Also he is not overweight even though the picture shows it. He also can be smart. It was unknown if he was the secret warrior of defeating Dark Star X. MarioMario54321 might say no because it's not possible. To viewers meh i don't know. He's said to have magical powers but never really used them for a good reason(accidentally turn the teacher into spaghetti and Mario ate it) and promise to never use his powers until in danger or extremely need it. No youtuber knows this.


You always know that Buzzy beetles are immune to explosions and fire so Jayson often skates in lava for fun. You may never know what's in his shell as it's also his portable home that has an extremly large interior. More about Jayson will be coming soon,

I'm his pet except not looking sad.


  • Extremly great cook and a noob at gaming.
  • Can defeat anyone even without a cap.
  • He is also awesome.(Pyromanic8)
  • Despises Pancakes cause of the one time a pancake monster attacked his town(don't worry no one died except maybe mario),