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Cackletta, Midbus, Dark Star, Death Trappers.


Mario, Luigi, Bowser, YTR.

First Appearance

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Fawful is a Beanish villain that appears in all The Mario and Luigi RPG games up until Dream Team, for he was defeated after awakening The Dark Star. He seemed to survive and told Mario and friends that the Dark Star X was behind thier counterparts revival. He later battled the Mario Bros. as Dark Fawful X and Fawful Bug X, seperately. After his defeat he promised no more evil. He appeared in Into the Fourth Dimension in the fake version of part 2, going to the Fourth Dimension to unstablize it. He returned after and the normal dimension became unstable. The Mushroom Kingdom was flooded with water and no chance of resurfacing. Mario drowned to death. In the true part two, Fawful was nowhere to be seen, instead Dimentio, who plans on taking over, destroying and rebuilding all dimensions, save for Dimension D.