Dowser, 4th dimensional enemies, 4th dimensional bosses, Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)


Mario, MarioMario54321 and his team, Bob-omberman, Meloetta

First Appearance:

Super Paper Mario

Dimentio is a villian from Super Paper Mario and Into the Fourth Dimension. He once was in Count Bleck's Army, but betrayed Bleck and set out to destroy all words. He took over Luigi by turning him into Mr. L, like Bleck's assistant did. After Mr. L merged with the Chaos Heart and turned into a clown, Dimentio fed himself to the clown, and became Super Dimentio with it. After his defeat he was presumed dead, but found a Dimensional Backtravel Diamond in our Dimension, and used it to travel to the 4th Dimension, where he would take the Dimension Stars to take over, and destroy all worlds. Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321, Lily, LuigiGame2, Starman3, and LuigiFan54321 chased him by heading to the Star World (the 2nd Dimension), then Super Mario Star Road (the 3rd Dimension), then, finally, the 4th Dimension. Dimentio weakened the 4th Dimension counterparts of the heroes, trapped them in Dimension D, Made Bob-omberman and Dowser (counterparts of Bomberman and Bowser) his minions, and kiddnaped MM's fans and friends. After Mario beat Dowser's Dimensional Swamp, he went into 4D Tower and was kiddnaped by Dowser and brainwashed into Mr. M. Later, his minions kiddnaped MM and turned him into Mr. Mx2 and, later, Dowser and Bob-omberman quit. The two brainwashed heroes turned back to normal because he hurt Starman3 and almost ended Luigi's game. He then sent Mario and MM to the 4D Game Over Area. When the heroes collected all 120 D-Stars, they confronted Dimentio and he revealed that he wants to build new dimension after he destroys them (destroying them being why Bob-omberman and Dowser quit). Dowser joined Dimentio and they formed Dowmentio. Mario defeated Dowmentio and he was destroyed and split back into Dimentio and Dowser. Then they learned if you destroyed Dimension D, you destroy Dimentio for good. So the heroes made a plan, then Mario used the Mega D-Star to destroy Dimentio permanently.

Alternate Forms:

Super Dimentio


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