Dimensional Current -1

The mushroom kingdom's dimension cycle

Dimensional Map smaller (Labeled)

A Dimensional Map of all the dimensions listed on this page, except the Super Paper Mario ones on the upper right.

This is a list of the different dimensions featured in MarioMario54321's Super Mario 64 Bloopers

Inner Dimensions

  1. Mushroom Universe (Mushroom Kingdom) - Mario, Luigi
  2. Star World - Stario, Starigi
  3. Star Road - Skelux
  4. Fourth Dimension - Quario, Fourigi

Outside Dimensions

  • Minecraft Dimension - Steve, Herobrine

Super Paper Mario Dimensions

  1. Flipside
  2. Flopside
  3. Lineland
  4. Gloam Valley
  5. The Bitlands
  6. Outer Space
  7. Land of the Cragnons
  8. Sammer's Kingdom
  9. The Overthere / The Underwhere
  10. Castle Bleck

Other Dimensions

  • Heaven - God
  • Hell - The Devil

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