Planet Dezzert
Inside Dezzert

SuperMario6499 surfing on a shell

Dezzert Pyramid

Tabbyluigi as FireBallMario in the Gingerbread Pyramid

Dezzert is the sixth planet on the road to Zythurvia in The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia. Its terrain is a pun on the words "Desert" and "Dessert", being a candy desert, complete with a Gingerbread pyramid,  which has the Crystal Comet Medal. It is primarily a retextured and flipped version of Shifting Sand Land, and the Crystal Comet Challenge was "Just Dezzerts", a Fast Foes challenge where the enemies can be slowed down, much like the Cyclone Stone in Mario Galaxy 2. Supermario1298 did and beat the challenge, and obtained the Yellow Zyther Crystal.

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