Mario vs. Dark Bowser X

Mario Fights dark bowser x


Dark Bowser X Animation.

Dark Bowser X is a fusion of OiramOiram12345, Dark Bowser, Bowser X, The Dark Star X, and the combined power of the dopples. After OiramOiram12345 failed to destroy existence by merging the unstable Dark Star X with the Light Star X, he ordered Dark Bowser, the Dark Star X, and Bowser X to follow him. Mario was sent to spy on them, and found out that Dark Bowser was the real Dark Star, then the villains were merged with the power that made the counterparts have red eyes (X),and Dark Bowser X was created and he stomped on Bowser. The heroes fell out of the castle and Mario explained to them what happened, then Mario was given the power of the Light Star and the Light Star X and fought Dark Bowser X. The battle lasted until Mario was killed. The villains were happy, but the heroes were sad, until Mario said, "That...that...was...PATHETIC!" and grabbed Dark Bowser X's tail and through him into a bomb, then Mario assumed that Dark Bowser X would break the floor into a star shape like the other "Bowser" bosses, but Oiram, Igiul, and Frozin destroyed the remaining bombs. Then MarioMario54321 handed Mario "The Fire Flower X" which Mario used to win. After Mario defeated Dark Bowser X the Mario Bros. battled the Dark Star X and knocked it out, but then Fawful appeared and took the DSX's energy and became Dark Fawful X. He hit Luigi and battled Mario in DBX's stomach, while Bowser battled Dark Bowser X. During the battle in DBX's belly, DFX became the Fawful Bug X, who was defeated by the Mario Bros. Fawful then fell out and turned back to normal after his nice dopple, Lufwaf, appeared saying "Good job". However, Dark Bowser X was split back to OO, DB, BX, and the DSX, leaving the Dark Star and Dark Star X to merge with OiramOiram12345, to create OiramOiram12345 X!


  • Dark Bowser X was originally the icon of Silouge654, who is now OiramOiram12345's YouTube account, 54321oiraMoiraM.
  • Dark Bowser X was posted on dA by MarioMario54321 as an animated fanmade sprite. This could be why it became Silouge654's icon.