Crystal Spire

Crystal Spire.

The Crystal Spire is the fourth area in the Moon World. It contained the Crystal Orb and was home to the Wthomp King. The Mario Bros. came here, for different reasons (Mario didn't have enough screen time in the movie, and 2013 was considered to be the Year of Luigi.) Lanuwigi managed to beat Mario and Luigi to this area, but when he engaged in combat with the Wthomp King, the King told him that he had nothing to gain from this battle, which Lanuwigi cursed at himself for. While that was happening, Mario and Luigi were fighting over who should bring the Crystal Orb back to the others, but Mario ended up knocking Luigi off the tower, along with the Lanu Orb, which fell on Luigi, allowing Crystore to possess him, who Mario then fought. After winning, Mario left with Luigi and the Crystal Orb.

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