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First Appearance

The Cosmic Crystals III

 Cosmicalitaurus is the creator of the Star World and the main antagonist of The Cosmic Crystals III: The End of the Star World. He was the ancient treasure that was locked within Cosmitalitopia 10,000 years before he was finally freed and fought. During the battle between him and Mario, he reveals everything, including how Mastar was working for him.

Eventually, after Mario is knocked out, Megaman765 and Fleskhjerta come and throw Cosmicalitaurus into a bomb once each, leading everyone to believe there is hope. Mario then finishes off Cosmicalitaurus, who states that he was blinded by his own power, and would slumber for the rest of his godly life.

It is later revealed in The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia that the reason he wanted to change the Star World was because Zythurvion took away from it and made it less beautiful.

In the Moon World, he was revealed to have a rivalry with Novuscurous and that Geminon really earned his title by defeating Novuscurous. It was also revealed that the Moon World legends are forbidden in the Star World because Cosmicalitaurus would feel like anyone who talks about the Moon World legends is turning on him. Since Novuscurous pinned him and the other two antagonists (Now protagonists) from the previous Cosmic Crystals movies, Bombermoon was able to avoid his seal. However, the Containment Orb sealed Novuscurous and now the Moon World legends are allowed in the Star World.


  • His name features a jumble of cosmic and the end of a dinosaurs name (saurus)
  • Cosmicalitaurus is an antagonist in The Cosmic Crystals, even though he is a protagonist in every other movie he has featured in.