Cookie Pyrimid

Building Type:



Marjo, Marko



First Appearance

Marjo's Cookie Vault

The Cookie Pyrimid is an Egyptian pyrimid full of cookies owned by Marko and Marjo that they plan to use to cure world hunger. The pyrimid was also apparently gaurded by the FBI and could only be accessed by the Cookie Vault. Unfortunantley, Lily, being somebody with a "Cookie Heart",  entered and ate all the cookies and hid it from everybody. At first, Marko thought Mario and Luigi where responsible, but after MarioMario54321 told the bros. the Cookie King, a monster made of cookies, was back, Mario set out to defeat him with Lily. After beating the Cookie King, who Lily ate again, (the way she and Mario defeated the living cookie Whomp the first time), the Cookie Vault appeared and revealed it was Lily who was responsible, and the FBI tried to arrest her. However, Mario then, assuming the Cookie King's new fortress was from the stolen cookies at first, told the Cookie Vault to refil with those cookies, thus saving Lilyncookies and restoring the peace. It is unknown what happened next.

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