Celestius the Chaos Star

Celestius is a godly super dimensional being and the main antagonist of Return to Ztarragus's Island. It is composed of the two beings Ztarragus(His dark part) and Starragus(His light part).When Geminon the Star World Warrior separated the two parts of Celestius,Geminon put his light part(Starragus) into a Rock,forming Rocko.The dark part of Celestius(Ztarragus) destiny is unknown but the rejoined again when MM54321 and his friends collected the parts of the Celestial Star and given to them Starragus and Ztarragus to make the two parts one again. It's story deals with Geminon the Star World Warrior. Celestius challenged Bomberman to a battle at the Celestial Tower of Chaos after Ztarragus and Starragus were reunited to reform it after realizing that it was Bomberman's destiny to battle it to see if Bomberman was worthy, and to save the universe. It later appeared in future series of MarioMario54321's videos as a supporting character.


  • Celestius has an X counterpart named Celestius X who appeared in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X.
  • Celestius is one of the two only characters in MarioMario54321's videos who's subtitles are decals instead of actual text from Sony Vegas, the other being Celestius X, his X counterpart.