King Bowser Koopa




Koopa Troop, sometimes Mario


Mario and his friends, Dark Bowser

First Appearance

Super Mario Bros.

Bowser is the Koopa King and Mario's arch-enemy. His first appearance was in Super Mario Bros., where he kidnapped Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom, and was defeated by Mario and Luigi, then tried tons of times to take the Princess, yet fails to keep, or kidnap her. In Super Mario 64, he took control of Princess Peach's Castle, imprisoned all of the Toads inside the castle's walls and sealed doors with Power Star Locks and hid the Power Stars and left a few doors open, like Bob-omb Battlefield. Mario encountered Bowser three times and beat him and saved the Princess and the Toads in the Castle. Bowser unleashed his kids, his minions, and even his own Galaxy, and Mario wins most times. In Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Bowser was temporarily brainwashed by Fawful, yet defeated Dark Bowser and the Mario Bros. defeated Fawful.

Bowser appeared in a few bloopers and movies. When The Dark Star X back Dark Bowser, Bowser trashed the Castle for revenge on Mario, when Dark Bowser hid there. Mario, and then Luigi encountered him. Then Fawful told them that the Dark Star X revived Dark Bowser, yet it was blocked out Bowser's Dopple and defeated him, then blamed Bowser for reviving Dark Bowser, and he didn't, hiding the star's identity. When Dark Bowser returned once more, Mario defeated him, allowing the heroes to defeat the Dark Star X. Bowser was knocked out when the castle was reformed, and encountered Dark Bowser and Bowser X. After defeat and an explanation about that DSX, he was crushed by Dark Bowser X. He later defeated him. Afterwards, when Dimentio came back, Mario ordered him to stay at his own castle. Mario later encountered Bowser's 4D counterpart, Dowser. Bowser was afterwards never important to the adventure and the following one, but appears in Super Mario: End of the Internet as a main protagonist, but not an antagonist, after the Death Trappers raided his castle.

Aside from his heated rivalry with Mario, he joins forces with him to battle common threats such as Smithy, Fawful, or Dimentio.