Moon World Bomber


Mario and his friends


Novuscurous, Lanu Spirits, Cosmicalitaurus (Possibly)

First Appearance

The Moon World

Bombermoon is a character in The Moon World, and is Bomberman's Star World counterpart. He is also the inventor of Moonogram, and is the one who chose Wario, Moonio, Waluigi, Lanuwigi, and, to a further extent, Cuatrio and Quaterigi to read Moonogram. He was first shown encountering MarioGame2222, being offended by "looking weird", and a known companion of his is Moonlow. He at first was unable to enter the Star World because he knows the entire history of the Moon World. He knows the Moon World Warrior's name and tried to reveal it before getting interrupted by an energy attack from Novuscurous. He tried to reveal it again before the reveal of the location of the Moon Orb. He tries to reveal it yet again during the rampage of the Lanu Spirits, but Lanuwigi interrupts and says that it's him, which is confirmed by Bombermoon.

When the Lanu Spirits broke free, Bombermoon devised a plan: He along with Lanuwigi and Moonlow, decided to stay and find something to weaken Novuscurous, while Mario went to Novuscurous's Castle and everyone else went to the Star World. After the Jigebu Tablet was found, Bombermoon went to the Star World, and was allowed there because Cosmicalitaurus was immobilized at the time.

One funny this about Bombermoon is that he dosn't look too much alike to Bomberman, despite Mario mixing up the two when he first met Bombermoon. Bob-omberman, an antagonist turned protagonist and counterpart of Bomberman in the previous movie, Into the Fourth Dimension, also didn't look too much alike to either of them.

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