4D Bomber


Dimentio, then Mario and his friends


Mario and his friends, then Dimentio and his minions,Lob-omberman

First Appearance

Into the Fourth Dimension

Bob-omberman is the 4D counterpart of Bomberman who first appeared in Into the Fourth Dimension. His name is a combination of "Bob-omb" and "Bomberman". He owns a Bob-omb Factory in the Fourth Dimension and his dream is to rule a world filled with Bob-ombs. He normally hates people visiting his factory, and throws people out whenever they try to get in through the main entrance pipe in Fourth Road. He joined Dimentio on his evil plan to rule all dimensions after promising him that his dream will become a reality if he helped. He is mainly one of Dimentio's minions and a villian in the series. He created the 4D King Bob-omb who he sent after Mario in Bob-omb Island, which he beat. After that, one of his Bob-ombs who is named Bob betrayed Bob-omberman to help Mario and his friends. Mario enters Bob-omberman's Bob-omb factory through a secret entrance that only leads to the interior of it, in which the only way out was to grab it's D-Star. Later, he planned to blow up the Safari Forest in the Fourth Dimension and build another Bob-omb factory by creating the Blowiggler, which has the power to blow up, but Luigi defeated it. After hearing Dimentio's true plan, Bob-omberman sided against him and joined the heroes, and even allowed people into his factory, where Mario and his friends collected all 7 of his D-Stars with his help. After Mario and his friends got all the D-Stars in his factory, 4D Meloetta appeared and taught Bob-omberman that life is more than what he thought it was, which changed him for the better. He appeared when Mario and his friends came to face Dimentio once and for all, and when Dimentio announced the rest of his plan, Bob-omberman turned him down again because he knew it wouldn't be worth it after what he learned. When MarioMario54321 ordered an attack on Dimentio to distract him, Bob-omberman got a group of his Bob-ombs together to attack for him.

It is rumored that after Into the Fourth Dimension ended, Bob-omberman's workers went on vacation, his factory was closed, and he went on to enjoy other things and became good friends with 4D Meloetta.

He reappeared again in Back to the Fourth Dimension with Bob, saying that he will re-open his Bob-omb Factory. However, Bob says that "they have been found," which for some reason, surprises Bob-omberman.


  • Bob-omberman's picture/decal was made from scratch and used each time he appeared, although a new one was later made for when there was an engine leak in his factory. A few other poses were made and used after that.

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