Blood Moon Mansion

Texture Pack Made By MarioMario54321

Requested By Starman3


This Is Blood Moon Mansion, Taken from Starman3's Halloween special.

The Home of the Troll Boo!

it has been introduced in MarioMario54321's 2012 Halloween Special (Black & White Version) And Starman3's SuperStar Halloween Special.

But Firstly It is Introduced Firstly in Starman3's Halloween Special

And Pascow Mario And His Friend Played Hide & Scare (Which is a prank game)

Later on, MarioMario54321 Released a video.

The Prank Game Has Stopped.

The Plot is Luigi Has to Save Mario From Troll Boo But...

In Black Version, He encounter'd Screamers

In White Version, There are No Screamer.

And Yes, Like Pascow Mario Said, "Beware of Troll Boo In Blood Moon Mansion"

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