Blood Garden

A view at Blood Garden.

Blood Garden was a haunted area located at the Fourth Dimension. Here lurks a variety of terrifying creatures, such as Vampire Boos. Here lies some scattered D-Stars, and is also the home to Mr. 4 and King Boocula.


  • Defeat a Boocula: Collected by waluigigame2
  • Above a yellow circle: Collected by Raykidd227
  • "Follow the light" D-Star near entrance to Bob-omberman's Factory: Collected by NintendoEpic
  • Near a tree: Collected by techmax791
  • 8 red coins: Collected by Zerothehedgehog50
  • Defeat Mr. 4: Collected by LightQuilava109
  • 100 coins: Collected by piratasapo

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