Bleurouge is the fifth planet that Mario and friends visit on their way to Zythurvia in The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia. It is a lava planet that has red and blue colors, and these colors alternate between each other as the beat for the planet's music goes by. After the Crystal Comet Medal here was found in a volcano and the Crystal Comet passed by, the colors began to alternate faster, then the red Zyther Crystal was then found soon after.



  • This planet's name is a combination of the words "bleu" which means "blue" in french, and "rouge" which means "red" in french.
  • This is the only planet of the seven planets on the road to Zythurvia that isn't mirrored at all, even though MarioMario54321 intended to mirror all levels to make them look less like the Super Mario 64 that they really are without the alternate textures.
  • This is the only one of the 7 Planets on the road to Zythurvia that changes it's appearance every few seconds.
  • This planet is mainly a retextured version of Lethal Lava Land.

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