Black Bomber
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Bomberman (Sometimes)


Bomberman (Sometimes)

First Appearance

Return to Ztarragus's Island

Black Bomber is Bomberman's rival and is considered either a friend or an enemy in MarioMario54321's videos. He first appeared in Return to Ztarragus's Island, when he stole Bomberman's rocket and went to the Star World, where he kidnapped Rockolanius, who was happy to leave the clock after Black Bomber told him something that was not revealed until later in the series. He and Rockolanius took over Ztarragus's Island, and so Bomberman came to the Mushroom Kingdom and told everyone about Black Bomber, and so Mario and friends, led by Bomberman, go to Ztarragus's Island. Finally, in the tower core of the island, Bomberman fights Black Bomber and wins. Then Rockolanius is revealed to be Starragus, Mario fights him, then Starragus merges with Ztarragus to become Celestius, then goes to the Celestial Tower of Chaos where Bomberman fights Celestius and wins, and Black Bomber joins Bomberman and the other Bombers after Ztarragus's Island is renamed: Starball Island. Black Bomber makes other appearances in later series such as The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia, OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X and also a cameo in Into the Fourth Dimension where one of Bob-omberman's worker bombers is Black Bomber's 4D Counterpart..

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