Balgar (Star Spirit)


Lanu Spirit


Novuscurous, Lanuwigi(temporary), Other Lanu Spirits


Star World Humans, Mario and his friends, Cosmicalitaurus, Kiddy Stoppers,Mastar,Lanuwigi

First Appearance

The Moon World

"You have beaten the Star Climb Challenge!"


Balgar is the Lanu Spirit that resides in the Star Orb and corrupted Enzo in The Moon World: Part 6 - The Least Evil Spirit. Captain64000 fought him and won. He appears in Part 9 in his true form.

He will appear in Kiddy Stoppers: The Movie and is going to corrupt a Kiddy Stopper, but will lose to KirbyRider1337. His orb is on the Star Climb.

Balgar in The Moon World, while in Enzo


Sprite of Balgar in Enzo

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